Setting up a project

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A project’s starting points are :


A heritage site in need of conservation and enhancement work and which has a role to play in community development.


A project partner (national or local authority, NGO or other) who would like to involve a wide range of people, especially youth, in this site’s preservation and presentation.



The stages involved in setting up and running a project are :


*       the feasibility study – an analysis of the site’s potential and needs, outlining projects adapted to the site, to community needs and to the various partners’ interests and potential contributions.


*       project design – partners decide together on the project’s characteristics (duration and dates, participants and facilitators, work and activity programme, necessary equipment, lodgings etc.)


*       a memorandum of understanding laying down the project’s objectives and characteristics, partnership conditions and the roles of each partner


*       planning & preparation includes drawing up a budget and finding financial support, obtaining any necessary authorisations, recruiting participants, preparing project infrastructure, equipment, educational and promotional tools


*       implementation – running the actual project on site and along with the participants 


*       evaluation – assessing the project between partners, sending reports and studying possible continuations and developments.

CHAM’s role is to share its know-how in the organisation and running of « youth and heritage » projects and in heritage conservation and enhancement techniques.   


Offering expertise


On each project that we set up with a partner abroad, CHAM offers its technical, organisational and educational expertise, according to the specific needs of the project and the partners.  We make available our experienced personnel – conservation technicians, facilitators, project coordinators and heritage experts.  CHAM is particularly specialised in stone-built heritage, but we are also able to work on other types of architecture.  We have a network of architects and other external specialists upon whom we can call, if necessary.


Guiding each stage of the project


CHAM undertakes a feasibility trip and on-site advance visits which result in comprehensive studies and reports with detailed recommendations on the project design and planning, all done in collaboration with the local partners.  From our Paris offices we regularly undertake, guide, coordinate, and follow-up the preparation of the work programme and the project in general.  During the project itself, our technicians and facilitators are permanently on site. Finally, our support continues into the evaluation and future development stages




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