Our project in Africa

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CHAM plays special attention to local community involvement, especially that of young people, so that its activities are part of a sustainable development process. It works in partnership with state heritage services, as well as local authorities. UNESCO,through its regional offices and its cultural advisor, is a special partner in these African heritage partnership projects.Both projects presented are strongly supported by the French embassies’ cooperation and culture services. In order to extend and develop such operations in the future, CHAM intends to attract the patronage and corporate philanthropy of foundations and businesses.
N.B. these heritage partnership projects are for local volunteers and experts in the field of heritage conservation. Being part of an overseas development training programme, they cannot be opened to young volunteers with little or no experience.

CHAM also organises training sessions for its project co-ordinators and “heritage classes” for primary and secondary schoolchildren. Among other activities linked to reviving and enlivening historic sites are guided tours, exhibitions and publications on historical architecture and techniques.

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